Research Driven Solutions is an SME founded in 2016. The company’s principal areas of interest are risk, resilience and infrastructure monitoring. RDS have extensive experience in the exploitation of research outputs in practice.
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Key Persons

Prof Alan O’Connor, PhD, is a company director and chairman of the Board. He has published extensively in risk and resilience of many types of critical infrastructure, with a particular focus on roads.

Prof Eugene OBrien, PhD, also a company director, has worked extensively in bridge health monitoring, Weigh-in-Motion and bridge traffic loading.

Mr. Lorcan Connolly is an associate at RDS and has worked extensively in risk-based asset management and Structural Health Monitoring.

Dr. Emma Sheils is a Senior Engineer at RDS and has worked across several areas of academia and industry with experience in the areas of bridge design, performance optimisation and maintenance of civil infrastructure.

Selected Publications


Nogal, M., Morales-Napoles, O., and O’Connor, A., (2019), ‘Structured Expert Judgement to Understand the Vulnerability of Traffic Networks’, Transportation Research Part A. 127(2019), pp. 136 – 152.


Bukhsh, Z., Stipanovic, I., Klanker, G., O’Connor, A. and Doree, A., (2019), ‘Network Level Bridge Maintenance Planning Using Multi Attribute Utility Theory’, Structure and Infrastructure Engineering. 15(2019), pp. 872 – 885.


Nogal, M., O’Connor, A., Martinez-Pastor, B., and Caulfield, B., (2017), ‘Novel probabilistic resilience assessment framework of transportation networks against extreme weather events’, ASCE-ASME Journal of Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Systems: Part A Civil Engineering. 3(3).


OBrien, E.J., Van der Grift, E., Elmeros, M., Wilson-Parr, R., Carey, C. (2018), The Roads and Wildlife Manual, CEDR Contractor Report 2018-3, Conference of European Directors of Roads.