With skills in digital marketing, developing online customer journeys, building online resource facilities relevant to the identified needs of a specific audience and developing websites with the purpose of content delivery, Hello My PA will support the CERCOM team with planning and implementing an effective dissemination strategy.

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Relevant projects


The Freelance Heroes Portal – Freelance Heroes is an online community of 13,000 UK Freelancers, co-founded by Anneka Browne of Hello My PA (freelance-heroes.com). She has recently developed an online membership platform for the community which serves as a resource portal delivering online content, documents, workshops and forums.

Key Persons

Anneka Browne – The Founder and Director of Hello My PA and a Co-Founder and Director of Freelance Heroes, a growing online community of over 13,000 Freelancers. Anneka has a deep understanding of the use of digital media to engage audiences and significant experience in facilitating wider social conversations; for example the impact of COVID-19 on the Freelance industry. Anneka always places a strong focus on the customer experience at the heart of a digital strategy.

Through her work with Hello My PA and Freelance Heroes, Anneka has both led and contributed to building meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships with other communities and organisations in order to work collaboratively towards a common purpose.